Stone carving

Ever stared in wonder at the beauty of a stone statue and wondered how they did it? Now you’ll know! And no need to stop there either, at The Limestone Heritage, Park and Gardens you truly can get stuck in too as the opportunity to try stone sculpting yourself is right at your fingertips.

Everything is available at a very reasonable price so that you truly can take your time to get a feel for this craft; all tools and stone will be provided and refreshments will be supplied for the whole day.

Watched over by the wise eyes of our professional craftsmen, you can sculpt to your heart’s content and at your own leisure in the peaceful atmosphere and unique ambiance of our specialized studio.

Above or else, the exciting thing is that visitors to The Limestone Heritage will be able to watch you as you sculpt and may even wish to buy your work, you will also have the opportunity to exhibit free of charge.

Reserve your spot

Held every day Monday to Saturday from 9.00am till 12.00pm

Kindly send an email to to reserve your spot