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Welcome to the Limestone Heritage, Park and Gardens – a celebration of Malta’s vibrant history and its unique stone resource!

If you’re wondering what to do in Malta, look no further!

Located in the traditional Maltese village of Siggiewi, this family run and award winning tourist attraction offers a fun filled day out for all the family with plenty to see and do. You will relish the chance to immerse yourselves in the islands’ eclectic 22,000,000 year past and children will love the farm animal park or you could all join in with our stone sculpting demonstrations.

And we just don’t stop there, The Limestone Heritage, Park and Gardens offers its very own unique and exciting venue for all types of events, including corporate functions and weddings.

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Did you know?

  • The limestone of the Maltese Islands was formed in shallow waters about 22
    million years ago.
  • Malta’s megalithic temples are all made out of limestone, dating back to 6000
    years, making them the oldest free standing structures in the world.
  • A normal sized ‘kantun’ can weigh up to 75kg. Can you imagine building all those
    churches, bastions and forts without any cranes and machinery?
  • In a working limestone quarry temperatures in Summer, can soar up to 50
    degrees Celsius. In fact work starts before sunrise and finishes at midday.
  • A typical Maltese house is called a ‘Farmhouse’ because in the olden days, they
    used to keep farm animals in the house.

Virtual tour of our Park and Garden