Buffet Menu

    • Maltese Antipasto Buffet Table

    • A Selection of Maltese Antipasti comprising of

      Hobz biz Zejt
      Maltese Sausage
      Peppered Gozo goat’s cheese
      Sun dried Tomatoes
      Broad Bean & Garlic dip (Bigilla)
      Stuffed Olives
      Tomato, bean and mint Salad

    • Baked Macaroni

    • Maltese Cheese & Pea Cakes

    • Beverages

    • ½ bottle of Local Red or White Wine

    • ½ bottle of Still or Sparkling Water

    • Coffee

    • Main Course

    • Bragjoli

      Stuffed Beef Olives

    • Grilled Breast of Chicken

      Grilled Breast of Chicken with tarragon, paprika and a garlic marinade

    • Grilled Sword fish with capers

      Grilled Sword fish with capers, olives tomatoes and white wine

    • Qarabali Mimli

      Marrows stuffed with minced beef

    • Seasonal Vegetables and Potatoes

    • Dessert

    • Gelat tan-nanna u Mqaret bl-ghasel

    • Maltese Ice-cream, date and anisette fritter with a local honey drizzle. Served Plated