Maltese food and traditions

A Window onto the Real Malta

The Maltese culture is one packed with colour, vibrancy and eclectic history. Our Mediterranean lifestyle reflects that, and there is nothing we enjoy more than the chance to relax under the stars surrounded by good food, great entertainment and interesting people.

Cuisine is a vital part of life in Malta. It is taken very seriously and is packed with the freshest ingredients and yummiest fare. Stone-baked Maltese bread, known the world over for its crusty exterior and gooey white interior, is particularly more-ish when dipped in authentic local olive oil. Similarly, the well-loved gbejniet, a tangy goats’ cheese served plain or coated in cracked black pepper, is another well known delicacy.

Pastizzi - Traditional Maltese food
Pastizzi – Traditional Maltese food

The Maltese are famed for concocting interesting culinary titbits that really do tickle the taste buds. Bigilla, a dip crafted from beans, herbs and plenty of garlic goes brilliantly with the tasty water biscuits known as galletti. Pastizzi are another firm favourite, the beloved snack of locals across the islands – but for all the wrong, artery-clogging reasons! They are little pockets of filo pastry deliciously filled with creamy ricotta cheese or peas, and we defy you to eat just one! Like most things in Malta, once you’ve tried them you will be hooked.

The Maltese Folklore Evening itself starts with a welcome drink and the chance to explore the award-winning surroundings of the Limestone Heritage, Park and Gardens– a disused quarry that has now been transformed into a sight-seeing adventure. The traditional Maltese food on offer includes a delightful buffet menu of local delicacies, salads, meats and scrumptious desserts.

Cocktail competitionsEntertainment is also in abundance and guests will enjoy local troupes performing the Maltese Frejgatina (Fisherman’s dance) and the Farmer’s Dance, with our beloved donkey taking centre stage! These, as well as other folklore routines, accompanied by sprightly mandolin music. It’s the perfect combination for a wonderful evening!

Maltese Folklore Nights are held from May until the end of October and by the many, it is the best events in Malta.